Veterinary Fees and Payment Policy

Since 1976, Sardis Animal Hospital has provided top quality veterinary care.  We structure our fees to support this level of service.  Our fees are comparable to similar veterinary hospitals throughout Canada and in accordance with BC Veterinary Medical Guidelines.

What do our fees reflect?

Unlike human hospitals, our facilities and equipment are not subsidized; rather, our funding comes entirely from the owner of the animal hospital.  Our fees reflect hospital overhead, materials, time, and the degree of expertise and qualifications of staff.

What will your visit cost?

Every case is unique. We encourage pet owners to have an open dialogue about pet care expenses and will be open and honest about the cost of care. We can quote current fees for visits, vaccines, and routine procedures over the phone. Whenever possible, we will give an accurate estimate of costs prior to services or procedures.  Additionally, hospitalized pets will have their daily cost of care added and updated.  If you have any concerns about costs of proposed treatments, please let us know as early as possible.

When is payment due?

For routine services (exams, consultations, lab work, purchase of food and medications, etc.) payment is due when services are rendered. We may require a minimum 50% deposit for surgeries and hospitalizations at the time your pet is admitted to the hospital. Any remaining balance will be due upon your pet’s release.  For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Interac.