On Monday, May 12, Molly, a pregnant, four year old Maltipoo belonging to Diane and Tom Kirkby of Sardis came to the animal hospital with a complaint of hemorrhage from the reproductive tract.  Molly had been bred recently and was thought to be expecting puppies.  She was feeling reasonably well and a blood count reveleaed that the amount of blood loss had not been excessive.  The tentative diagnosis was miscarriage in progress, and there was little to do but wait it out and monitor her condition.

By the following evening, The Kirbys knew there was something very wrong.  When they came home, Molly was weak and unresponsive.  An emergency call to Dr. Anvik, who was the doctor on call that night, and a trip to the animal hospital resulted in some quick action.  Molly’s blood count had dropped to a critical level in a very short time and needed an emergency transfusion.

Dr. Anvik called Lana Powell, one of our Registered Animal Health Technologists (and wife of Dr. Powell) and asked to to come in to assist an emergency hysterorectomy.  He also asked her if she minded bringing Lady, the Powell family dog and “on call” blood donor.  Lady very kindly contributed a unit of her blood, which was hastily adminstered to Molly.  Within a short time Molly’s blood count had risen to a level safe enough for surgery and she had regained consciousness.  Dr. Anvik and Lana took her immediately to surgery and performed an emergency hysterectomy.  Molly had bled very badly into her uterus and would have died soon if it were not for quick action on everyone’s part.  The pregnancy, of course, had to be terminated, but the little mom’s life was spared.

It’s quite common for veterinarians to use their own pets as blood donors, and this is not the first time Lady has donated blood.  Lady was adopted by the Powell family several years ago, after a negligent pet owner had abandoned her at the animal hospital.  She now has a good home, is a great pet for the Powells and their two children, and who knows who’s life she may save in the future.