Dental Care is a Key to Pet Wellness

Although our pets need a healthy mouth and sound teeth, we sometimes let our pet’s oral and dental care slip. Poor oral hygiene can be the source of bad breath, gum disease and organ damage. Not only can this cause animals constant pain, it can actually shorten their lives. Taking care of your pet’s teeth means more than pleasant breath; it should be started when they are young and it is a basic part of our wellness program.

At Sardis Animal Hospital, we offer:

  • Periodontal therapy—teeth cleaning above and below the gum line
  • Digital dental radiography—Modern x-rays, a quick and accurate dental tool
  • Extractions—pain-free removal of diseased teeth
  • Helpful hints-brushing your pet’s teeth and home dental care
  • Nutritional advice—aimed at maintaining good oral hygiene

Talk to us about your pet’s dental hygiene. For your dogs and cats, good oral care means better health and longer lives. Find out more about pet dental health by looking at these websites: