Sardis Animal Hospital vs. Covid19

March 20, 2020

These past few weeks have been challenging for all of us. In the face of a pandemic we have all had to rearrange our schedules and our lives. The BC Provincial government has declared a state of emergency due the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. Even though this is a human illness we are deeply concerned as an animal hospital. All our patients come attached to a human owner or two, and we want you both to be safe and healthy.

We have been following this situation closely as it unfolds and under the guidance of human health officials as well as our provincial and federal veterinary governing bodies we are instituting several changes. We are more determined than ever to do our part to follow all recommendations to ensure your safety while you tend to your pet’s health care needs. Our provincial government has just deemed veterinary medicine an essential service, we believe it is vitally important that we be available to you and your pet.

The following is a list of changes in effect at the Sardis Animal Hospital until further notice:

  1. Visits to our animal hospital in the next several weeks should be restricted to those pets in need of medical or surgical care, or to purchase prescription food or drugs. Non urgent visits such as annual wellness examinantions or annual booster vaccines should be postponed until after the state of emergency is lifted. If you are unsure how necessary your visit is, please call.
  2. We will be closing the waiting room to all unnecessary traffic. When you arrive we ask that you come to the door to signal us or call us from your car. We will assist you with your appointment or food/prescriptions purchase.
  3. We will be altering our appointment times and doctor availability to stagger client arrivals in order to minimize contact between people and allow you to maintain your 6 foot social distancing.
  4. Everyone should call ahead of a planned food or prescription purchase to ensure we have what you need and it is ready for pickup. This will prevent unnecessary trips, tell us you are coming and avoid “empty shelf” disappointment.
  5. We are asking that food purchases be limited to only the amount you need at this time and would normally purchase. There is no shortage of pet food or prescription drugs at this time. Stock piling supplies is unnecessary and creates a burden on the supply chain.
  6. We are asking that payment be made using a card (Debit, Visa or Mastercard). Our debit machine will reach the exam rooms and even the parking lot but prefer you phone in your credit card number to again reduce human to human contact with the debit machine. Cash can be a virus carrier. We will disinfect the debit machine between uses.
  7. If you are in quarantine or self-isolation and you believe your pet needs veterinary care please call for assistance. There may be things we can co over the phone and prevent you from venturing out. If your pet needs to come in to us, now would be a good time to call on friends and family for a favour.
  8. Discharge instructions and post-operative question and answers that were normally done in person will now be done over the phone. This move is to minimize your time spent in the animal hospital.
  9. Some long term and recurring prescriptions may be refilled over the phone without a doctor visit. We will be evaluating this on a case-by-case basis.

There will likely be other changes in the not too distant future. We will do our best to keep you informed. We hope that by being proactive and purposeful in our actions we can slow the spread of the coronavirus. Rest assured we wish to remain open for business and be available to you and your pet.

Thank you for doing your part, observing the 6 foot personal space with staff and other clients. I wish you good luck and good health and as a community we will get through this.