5 Free Dog Wallpapers

Brighten up your desk with these five free dog wallpapers.  Just click on an image to enlarge it, right click, and select Set As Desktop Background.

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Behind the scenes with Angel’s surgeon

(AAHA) Early in the new year, an amazing story broke about an 11-year-old boy whose golden retriever, Angel, saved him from a cougar attack in rural British Columbia. The story was picked up by Canadian and American news outlets and the boy and his dog were famous for a day. But what happened behind the…

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Corgi puppy survives swallowed rocks

By November 6, 2003 · · 690 Comments

Puppies are notorious for getting into things.  As they explore their world they will commonly place things in their mouths and sometimes swallow objects that should not be swallowed.

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Vocal signs from your cat

By October 15, 2003 12 Comments

Cats learn at an early age that their owners will respond to the vocal signals they make. They are rewarded with attention, affection and most importantly, food. There are individual and breed related differences in the vocal characteristics of cats, the Siamese being notorious for loud, at times piercing wails and meows made at night….

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Transfusion from Lady Powell saves Molly Kirkby

On Monday, May 12, Molly, a pregnant, four year old Maltipoo belonging to Diane and Tom Kirkby of Sardis came to the animal hospital with a complaint of hemorrhage from the reproductive tract.  Molly had been bred recently and was thought to be expecting puppies.  She was feeling reasonably well and a blood count reveleaed…

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Crate Training Your Dog

By March 20, 2003 · 0 Comments

We all need a special place to call our own – a sanctuary of sorts.  Your dog is no different.  Part of raising a healthy dog is providing it with its own sanctuary or “den”, and crates are a perfect solution.  Most dogs can be trained to enjoy the retreat of their crate. Crate training…

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